November 28 – December 2

FRESH MADE IN-STORE SAUSAGE:   Our production for our fresh made-in store sausage starts on Tuesdays each week.  We sell frozen sausage on Tuesdays until our fresh batch is ready by mid afternoon. Our fresh made-in store sausages include:  Original Plain (not smoked), Breakfast, Garlic, Double Garlic, Oktoberfest, Cheddar Bacon, Spinach Feta, Jalapeno Cheddar and Sweet Chili Heat.  We also have a NEW breakfast apple cheddar sausage!

SMOKED SAUSAGE:  We have smoked sausage in stock this week.  (fresh and frozen)

PEPPERETTES:   We have all pepperettes in stock except we are sold out of regular hot.  We do have:  regular mild, and mild and hot DRY, and flaming hot.