Dettweiler’s Sausage has been successfully operating fundraising programs in support of sports teams for over 10 years!  Your team can earn 40% profit or more!


Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, you need to formally book the fundraiser with us by choosing a pick-up date for product distribution. See the chart below and respond by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] with your date preference. We will get back to you to confirm that your date choice is still available. We are a small family business and dates fill up quickly, so booking well in advance is recommended so you are not disappointed.
  2. Please note that in most cases it will take 3 weeks to get your order together for pick-up once we receive your order details. Details are in the chart below.
  3. Please note that our pepperettes require refrigeration. They need to be distributed to team members as soon as possible (within 2 hours) of picking up from our store. As the co-ordinator for this fundraiser, you will be requested to sign a form acknowledging that you understand the need for refrigeration.
  4. Payment for your order is due on the day of pick-up. (cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer, we do not accept credit cards)
  5. Please note that we have a 50 bag minimum and a 350 bag maximum. In order to get these discounted prices, you need to order at least 50 bags, and because we are a small family business, we cannot handle more than 400 bags in one fundraiser. If you think you may get more than 400 bags in orders, we may have to split your order into 2 pick-up dates.




(Mild or Hot)

Package Size 24 Pieces per Bag
Your Cost $8.00
Selling Price $12.00
Profit per Bag $4.00


Summer Sausage

Regular Chub
Small Chub
Weight: approx. 1.75 to 2 lbs approx. 1 lb
Approx dimensions: 10” long, 3.5” diameter 7” long, 2” diameter
Your Cost: $22.00 $12.00
Recommended selling price: $25.00 $15.00
Profit per Chub: $3.00 $3.00



Our dates are full for this fall leading up to Christmas.  We now have our winter 2024 schedule below.

CHOOSE A PICK UP DATE FROM THE RED COLUMN ON THE RIGHT.  Your choice will be confirmed when you send an e-mail to us.  ([email protected])


Winter 2024

Recommended Date
to Start Selling
Order Details
Product Pick-up Date
For Distribution
mid December Fri, Jan  12 Feb 1 – 3
late December Fri, Jan 19 Feb 8 – 10
early January Fri, Jan 26 Feb 15 – 17
early to mid January Fri, Feb 2 Feb 22 – 24
mid January Fri, Feb 9 Feb 29 – Mar 2
mid to late January Fri, Feb 16 Mar 7 – 9
early February Fri, Feb 23 Mar 14 – 16
early to mid February Fri, March 1 Mar 21 – 23
late February Fri, March 22 Apr 11 – 13
early to mid March Fri, March 29 Apr 18 – 20
mid March Fri, April 5 Apr 25 – 27