Production Details week of Jan 18 – 22, 2022

FRESH MADE IN-STORE SAUSAGE:  We start our production for fresh made in-store sausage on Monday and Tuesday.  We sell frozen sausage on Tuesdays until our fresh batch is ready by late afternoon.  Our fresh sausages include:  original plain (not smoked), garlic, breakfast sausage, double garlic, oktoberfest, spinach feta, sweet chili heat and jalapeno cheddar.

SMOKED SAUSAGE:  We are selling FROZEN smoked sausage this week until our new batch arrives on Thursday or Friday.  This website will be updated when we have a better idea of the delivery of the new batch.

 PEPPERETTES:  We have mild pepperettes in stock, but unfortunately we are SOLD OUT of hot pepperettes.  We might be getting more at the end of the week, but no guarantees.  Check this website or call ahead.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our store is open to customers and we are allowing no more than 2 customers in the store at one time.  When we are busy we ask that one person per family enter the store.  A mask is mandatory and we ask that you sanitize your hands  when you come in.  (provided for you).  For those who prefer curbside we offer that as well.

We would appreciate it if you ordered ahead (for larger orders) by phone or e-mail to reduce wait times:   [email protected] or 519-648-2015

Dettweiler’s Sausage has been a successful family business for more than 70 years.  Come visit our store in Breslau; we continue to sell our most popular products: smoked sausage, pepperettes, the Dettweiler burger, breaded schnitzel and more …

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